So, about Art on your Streets.  Well, this is a project which stems from my need to see visual expressions of a city’s people in completely publicly accessible places.  Edinburgh flourishes in the non visual arts, particularly through literature and music.  By documenting the contemporary public artworks of Edinburgh I hope to comment and allow a dialogue to begin in regards to Edinburgh and the public arts, and in my opinion lack of progressive intervention and style.

Edinburgh defines itself by its heritage and and maintains its heritage through prescribed visual cultural activities.  I think Edinburgh had more to offer in contemporary public art.  We may not want to define ourselves by it, but perhaps by starting an online discussion we may begin to see that defining ourselves is not what needs to happen, but for this city to thrive in the public visual arts, we need to encourage the production of art and not stifle it by various cultural policy requirements and permissions.  Encourage public intervention and temporary artworks around the streets and open footpaths to further ideas and participation from its residents.

The project began as Alephs moved again as a title to work along with my Masters Thesis Project and was from and inspired by the short story The Aleph by Jorge Luis Borges; the idea of the Aleph is a point in space and place, this helped me understand and interpret the concept of a – fluid notion of ‘place’ – and expanded into the need to see and document the public art in Edinburgh; and the creation of this website.

My thesis paper is available to read via Slideshare below.


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    Viewing this with M & B @ failford. Superb!

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    Any idea about the work that has appeared in Montgomery Street Royal Mail depot? (Late August 2013)

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      Hi Heather, I am looking into it, and I shall post up some info and images as soon as I can! Thanks so much for you comment and highlighting the work. 🙂

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    Hi there, I’m producing a big thing on Portobello Beach 8-10th August 2014! It’d be great to speak to someone about it, as I think it would be right up your [arty] street. I can’t find a contact email here… Please do get in touch!

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    Just tried tol eave a comment on the small statue in Amsterdam: “morning has come and it is still night”.

    Comment button did not work

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      Hi there, I can’t see anything on the admin side of a comment, so I shall investigate. Thanks so much for highlighting.

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